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lil_sunshines's Journal

sweet little sunshines
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This is a friendly baby community. For you to just post photos of your child to show other people, to meet other mothers, ask for advice if it's needed and also to be offerd freebie graphics as and when people can offer them. There are also contests for everyone to take part in.
You will be required to post an introduction post. Promote anywhere you like in at least two differnt places if possible. Don't start any drama. If you do you will be banned. Please do not request graphics. Make all posts friends only. Stay active. If you dno't i will look through and delete members who aren't.
Your name and age: Your childs Name and age: Where you live: Why you joined the community: How you found the community: Examples if you make graphics and are willing to make freebies: Photos of you and your children: WE LOVE NEW MEMBERS, NEW BABIES & FRIENDLY PEOPLE! SO COME JOIN US!
lil sunshines lil sunshines 2 lil sunshines</a> THIS IS NOT A PROMOTING SITE, SO DO NOT PROMOTE OTHER PEOPLES PAGES ON IT! THANKS!